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Helene Courtaigne Delalande

Helene Courtaigne Delalande

A former advertising talent, Hélène Courtaigne Delalande was the artistic director at one of Paris' leading advertising agencies for nearly ten years working with brands such as Phas, Vichy and Helena Rubinstein. In 1990, she left that world to explore a new career for wich she had long held a passion:jewellery design.

She started out as a jeweller using a technique and skill that she had patiently learnt whilst obtaining a diploma in gemmology at the National Gemological Institute in Paris.

She soon developed and established her own style. Skil, whichfully mixing matt gold with bright gold, Hélène places emphasis on a usually neglected aspect of Metalwork, making genuine sculptures of her jewels, wich bear the stamp of a powerful and distinctive style.

Intuitive and passionate about stones, she creates unusual harmonies that are almost odds with one another, using little-known gems (spessartites, tsavorites, morganites,rubellites, tanzanites, etc.). She crafts her own creations in her studio and abandons ruler and compasses to allow her hand and eye to recreate unusual symmetries.

For her distintive style De Beers chose her to design one of the rings of its “Trilogy” series; the Comité Français du Parfum commissioned her to design and make the Trophy for the “Prix Jasmin 2003” and more recently,she awarded the prix du Public at the Salon des Joailliers Createurs. It was at the salon des Joailliers Créateurs that she caught the eye of Guerlain, searching for a designer to relook its Success Future Line. She Competed and won.

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